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Racial Support for Black Staff

Racialized Trauma Group for Black People

  • 2 hours
  • Contact Dr. Most
  • Zoom

Service Description

Support the People of Color in your organization by providing a series sessions for Black People Only. Provide a space for experiences of racialized trauma to be processed, validated, and mended for your staff of color. I provide connection, safety, body-mind-spirit interventions and structure to promote validation and empathy for the racial experiences of your staff of color. The group does not end racism but can offer a step stone to end it by providing a soothing space for the people most affected by the pressures of living within a system of racial injustice. After the group sessions are over, if you are interested in supporting the ongoing healing for your organization's black members, you can offer eight individual counseling sessions for group members who need additional space to process racialized trauma. You can use this text to promote the group in your organization: "As a person of color in America, your rights of worth and safety are continuously imposed upon and violated from the minute you wake up in the morning to the minute you go to bed. This group stays away from offering quick answers or solutions to your experiences. It does provide a space to process racial stress and to acquire/share skills to expand your mind-body-spirit ability to deal with racism in America". In addition to supporting your black staff I can consult with your organization's leadership to design programs and interventions to support your other staff of color.

Contact Details

202 670 7180

3rd floor 50 E Street Southeast, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, USA

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