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Senior Woman Dancing
Strength. Courage. You are loved.
Hope is waiting for you.
Give it everything you have, heart and soul.  
Strength. Courage. You are loved.
                                                                                                       Based on Joshua1: 5-6


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I Facilitate Spaces for Intentional
Connection, Healing and Learning


Every human story,  journey, and motivation makes sense if we pause long enough to listen. I am professionally trained to listen. I have a Masters degree in counseling and a PhD in counseling education and clinical supervision. For the past seventeen years, I have  embraced the honor and joy of being present for people going through different seasons in life.

Relationships and Imago Therapy

Relationships are important, and I am passionate about working with couples and people in relationships using the Imago Theory approach. The intentional and respectful Imago way of relating has been a constant transformative force in my life, work, and marriage. During therapy, I teach my clients communication skills, conflict management tactics, self-regulation strategies, intentional connection, and affair remediation processes . I offer Imago workshops for couples and teams with my husband who is a certified Imago educator and workshop presenter.

Staff Care and Training

Teams need space to connect, process hurts and to grow. We offer counseling and training on creating emotional safety , stress management, resilience building, and conflict resolution  to teams, government personnel, deployed  humanitarians and other expatriate communities. I employ my  international experiences  to work as a consultant for business and organizations such as  The KonTerra Group.

The Journey

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in intentional human connection and social justice. As a young person, I often volunteered at community events and was curious about people who were different from me. I was intrigued as to why people behaved the way they did. Immediately after receiving my Bachelor's degree in theology with an emphasis in anthropology I went overseas.  I worked for many years joining groups of people to promote wellness through education and community mobilization in rural and urban areas.


I arrived overseas thinking I was going to empower women and facilitate access to education for children, and I did, but unexpectedly community engagement transformed me. I lived, listened and closely interacted with people. The connection offered me the gift of embracing diversity, trusting in collective wisdom, and experiencing the power of vulnerability and faith to sustain the human spirit. Not everything was easy. Doing the work of empowering others means engaging in crises environments and challenging situations. During my work as a humanitarian I was supported by compassionate and effective mental health professionals. No wonder I have become one! The relationships and the challenges I had informs my work with clients. The humanity I carry makes me responsible for surrendering myself to become an instrument of peace and justice in the world. A conversation at a time. Currently I serve my community through offering pro bono racial trauma groups for females, and relationship skills groups for couples.

Social Justice and Racial Connection

The focus of my doctoral research was on the vital role of spirituality in facilitating self-regulation, degree completion, and social mobility for African Americans. The intense exposure I had to the American history of race and gender relations transformed me. The disparities I found, turned me into an active and conscious advocate for equity, racial connection and social justice. I employ my skills of  working with betrayed couples in conflict to facilitate safe spaces for intentional processes about gender and race.


I utilize theater as a tool to integrate  body, mind, and spirit when addressing race and gender bias. I employ integrative approaches because they are powerful to promote self-awareness, understanding, validation, personal responsibility, connection and forgiveness. The intensity of racial and gender ruptures requires holistic integration and intentional presence. Some say that the racial and the gender wound in America is too big to heal. But I am a believer in the power of faith, hope, love, and intentional connection. I facilitate racial and gender healing by providing safe opportunities to name experienced injustices,  and moments to honor connection. 

Getting to know you

You have just learned a lot  about me and my work. The person is behind the professional. Now I am looking forward to meeting you and learning  about  your journey. Come talk to me.

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Certifications and Qualifications
  • PhD  in Counselor  Education and Clinical Supervision.

  • Professional Counseling Licenses for DC, MD and VA.

  • Certified Advanced Imago Relationships Clinician.

  • Certified  Imago Workshop Presenter.

  • Certified Maryland Clinical Supervisor.

  • Member of the American Counseling Association.

  • Member of Imago Relationships North America.

  • Theater of the Oppressed Facilitator.

My Core Values
  • I believe in Faith, Hope and Love (I do).

  • I believe that every individual is special and essential with unique gifts to offer to any community.

  • I believe that every human story, journey, and motivation makes sense if we pause long enough to listen.

  • I believe healing and thriving is possible. 

  • I believe in being peaceful and in promoting peace and social justice one interaction at a time.

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