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We Build Connection for Hybrid Teams

Connecting Teams Anywhere: Our Hybrid Approach

  • 3 hr
  • Contact Dr. Most
  • In Person & Online

Service Description

Connection is built one interaction at a time. The advance of hybrid work has created the unintended phenomenon of team members feeling isolated or disconnected even though they work together daily. Our company promotes connection and teamwork between team members who work only online, hybrid, or in person. We support team interventions and interactions to connect team members who miss the social interactions that come with being in the same office. We know that a strong, cohesive team is the key to success for any company. That's why we've developed various programs and tools designed specifically to bring your team members together, regardless of their location. From interactive online workshops to in-person team-building activities, we offer a range of solutions to help your team members get to know each other better and work more effectively together to maintain their connection after our interventions. Our approach comes from the latest research on effective teamwork and communication. We use our expertise in human emotions and HR. Our experience building resilience for teams dealing with high-stress environments guides our work. We draw from our work in connecting couples who experience conflict and disconnection and use what we know about effective communication to support teams to become connected despite the challenges before them. With our bridge-building skills, we're committed to helping your team reach its full potential. We believe in laughter and use our training as playback theater facilitators to foster integrative moments of fun and connection for any team. Anywhere. Contact us today to learn how we can help your team members connect, grow, and thrive together. *please contact Most Connections to schedule a consultation.

Contact Details

202 670 7180

3rd floor 50 E Street Southeast, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, USA

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