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Online Couple's Counseling

Conflict is just the beggining of real love. Discover why.

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Service Description

If you live in DC, Maryland or Virginia, I provide a virtual safe space where I use therapeutic skills to create opportunities for healing and growth for relationships. With humility, I can say that under my care, many marriages have moved from infidelity, isolation, conflict, lack of communication, race/cultural challenges, and other relational issues to fulfillment. I feel deeply honored by the beauty of watching couples find connection and love again after a period of relational conflict. I am an integrative therapist. This means that I combine therapeutic interventions from Psychodynamic theories, Systems theory, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Therapy, Polyvagal theory, Neuroscience, and Spirituality to focus on the full person, body, mind, spirit. I am also a certified Imago Therapist. I embrace the Imago approach that as a person, you possess a natural impulse for healing and loving connections. You just need to connect with the source of your innately given resources to love and feel loved. During therapy, you can: REMEDIATE the hurts and pain created by an affair. LEARN new ways to cope with stress and anxiety in your relationship. ACQUIRE the tools necessary to solve problems in your family or marriage. IMPROVE communication and listening abilities. RECEIVE and give empathy. ASK for what you need from your partner. GIVE what your partner needs from you. STAY connected to your partner through difficult times. LEARN techniques and exercises to strengthen your relationship. DISCOVER deeper meaning and purpose for yourself and for your relationship. Session duration one hour - Session cost $330. Session duration one hour and 15 minutes - Session cost $412.

Contact Details

202 670 7180

3rd floor 50 E Street Southeast, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, USA

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